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Gift Set

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<< Hand Gift Set  >>

  • Goat Milk Hand Mask  ( 5 Packs )

  • Sugar Scrub 

  • Cuticle & Hand Oil 30ml

  • Nail Polish

<< Foot Gift Set  >>

  • Goat Milk Foot Mask ( 5 Packs )

  • Horse Oil Foot Peeling Spray  100ml

  • Honey Pearl Lotion 250ml

  • Foot File

  • Nail Polish

<< Hair Gift Set  >>

  • Hair Therapy 60ml

  • Hair Roller Pins x 2

House Products

Sugar Scrub


We have 3 different scents: Lavender, Rose, & Osmanthus.

Our scrubs contain, coconut oil, olive oil, sugar, essential oils, flowers, and salt. 

The benefits of using a sugar scrub are: 

- Exfoliating & Brightening your skin

- Removing dry skin and toxins

- Moisturing your skin

- Fight against ingrown hair

*Can be used 1-3 times a week*


Lotion & Hair Therapy

Our homemade lotion is made using aqua, sesame seed oil, aloe vera, chamomile, and sources of vitamin E.

Can be used daily to moisturize and hydrate skin!

Our hair therapy is great for .... and smells amazing!

Can be used .... a week as needed. 



Our teas are made with dried organic ingredients.

Can be consumed as a cold or hot steep tea! With each blend of teas come with various health benefits while tasting absolutely TEAlicious!


Hair Care

Skin Care

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Nail Care

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