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Nail Polish


At Peace, we offer manicures and pedicures with options including, sports, regular polish, shellac polish, and gel extensions.

​We offer dry pedicures as it is more beneficial compared to wet pedicures.

Some benefits includes a more sanitary environment, long-lasting nail color and eco-friendly! 



At Peace, we offer various hair services, including cuts, perms, colour, and toning.

All of our hair services include shampoo, conditioner, a head massage, and styling!

First-time clients will be welcomed with a consultation before the service to establish the right look and feel!

Mineral Mask

Lashes, Brows and Facials

We offer various semi-permeant makeup and lash services. Our lashes services are anything from classic, hybrid, and volume sets! Our estheticians pride themselves in creating a relationship with their clients to create the PERFECT look!


Our Spa offers waxing as part of the many Peace beauty treatment options. 

Talk to our technicians about how we create a reading and comfortable environment for our clients

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